At MDR Services we continue to expand and enhance our contents processing division.

Our goal is to expand our capabilities to be able to restore more items, increase productivity, and increase volume processing while minimizing liabilities.

Featuring 14,000 Sq. Ft., whether it is pack-outs, soft contents, hard contents, cleaning, salvage, or complete repair, our certified team can handle any size of job for any emergency. We also provide:

  • Esporta
  • Fireline
  • Ozone

Our entire facility is secure and maximized for capacity and recovery. Come for a visit!

Our promise statement (it’s on our building wall for everybody to see):

“Dear valued client,

We are more than just contents and storage. At MDR our commitment to you is the highest service and satisfaction at every stage of your claim process. We want you to be so dazzled and comforted by our service, that you almost forget the unfortunate circumstances that brought you to us. Our promise is that you experience integrity, loyalty and security when trusting us with your contents and storage needs.

Please feel free to remind us any time of the above commitment.
It only helps us improve where we need it the most.”

Featuring the MDR 40 point checklist for contents and storage excellence (Here’s just the top 10):

  1. Always be prepared
  2. Have appropriate facilities
  3. Maximize storage capacity
  4. Efficient facility layout
  5. Seperate total loss items
  6. Focus on fragile contents
  7. Thorough documentation
  8. Proper packing methods
  9. Detailed logistics
  10. Client cash-out policy

MDR Contents & Storage

Tel: 403.229.3323
Email: info @ mdrs .ca