Why use a restoration company for your renovations?

As a company that works with insurance companies to provide certified re-construction after emergency damages, we understand the quality it takes to satisfy our clients.


Many of our clients also select to have their home renovated after an emergency because it is the perfect time to get everything done at the same time. MDR is able to provide efficiency and cost effectiveness by leveraging our network of contractors and suppliers.

Whether your renovation ideas are all about space, function or creative concept lifestyle, we guarantee our work.

How we can help you with your renovation budget, ideas and other details.

Because we work within insurance industry regulated budgets, we have nothing to hide when it comes to your personal renovation. Our project managers can advise you during the preliminary and final design phases of general construction costs including labour.


You should always receive updates during every phase of construction when working with any contractor. Because many clients like to change their mind as their vision takes shape and different unforseen circumstances can occur, our job is to minimize the surprises and communicate with you effectively throughout the entire renovation process.

We would appreciate the opportunity to win your business. Give us a call.


Let us know what you are thinking. We can help you with some ideas and provide a no-obligation consultation.


We also fully warranty our work and materials for two years. Please also inquire about assisting you with your financing options.


MDR Interiors & Exterior Renovations

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